Supply Chain Management of Burberry

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supply chain management| Burberry|

Supply Chain

Burberry’s Supply Chain involves a complex network of retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities and suppliers that participate in the sale, delivery and production of the brand's unique, luxury product.

Instead of shipping merchandise from the central warehouse, Burberry delivers product from factories directly to consumers, thanks to a much more efficient supply chain. This eliminates stock-out cost and improves service levels. Burberry's back-end capabilities are critically important in its success. The brand is adept at managing the various options available in the omni-channel retail world.

Burberry employs the following programs:

* Supply sourcing: locating a source of supplies not manufactured by the brand * Shipment tracking: This allows users to establish an account and obtain real-time information about cargo shipments. They may also create and submit bills of lading, place a cargo order, analyze charges, submit a freight claim, and carry out many other functions. In addition, customers can track shipments down to the individual product and perform other supply chain management and decision support functions. The application uses encryption technology to secure business transactions. * Shipping notice: This automates the receiving process by electronically transmitting a packing list ahead of the shipment. It also allows Burberry to record the relevant details of each pallet, parcel, and item being shipped. * Freight auditing: This will ensure that each freight bill is efficiently reviewed for accuracy. The result is a greatly reduced risk of overpayment, and the elimination of countless hours of paperwork, or the need for a third-party auditing firm. By intercepting duplicate billings and incorrect charges, a significant percent of shipping costs will be recovered. In...
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