Supply Chain Management

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1. Background

PT. DAS motor is dealer of Yamaha Motorcycle, they play an important roles in supply chain management. They link the manufacturer to the customer, while in their activity the perform actions and making profit. In indonesia, motorcycle is one of in demand transportation for middle to low class society. In this era of globalization, companies are involved in tight competition, so that proper procedure of supply chain is needed to gain competitive advantage upon the other competing industry especially chinese motorcycle.

PT. DAS motor is specilized in distribution of Yamaha motorcycle in Jakarta Barat. They have two branches in west region. To support supply chain management, they well managed every activities by knowing exactly their position on the distribution process. To make a good sytem in supply chain management, every steps should be well managed efficiently, effectively, and economically. PT.BKM also perform warehousing and logistic, so they should take care of these things. PT. DAS Motor should carefully forecast the demand of the market and capacity of their warehouse. All the personnel in the company and related parties in YAMAHA should be well informed and communicate well to achieve excellent system in supply chain management. As a distribution company, they also perform activies that bring them to be close to the end customer. By giving facilities and extra services such as fast delivery and discount. But there are several term that allows the company to give discount. Because these discount may increase competition between each YAMAHA dealer. So there are specific rules and regulation. The current knowledge about the company and process:

• DAS MOTOR as dealer to distribute product to current customer • Build relation with customer.
• Provide warehouse and showroom for YAMAHA’s customer. • DAS MOTOR benefit from incentives given from YAMAHA and leasing company for credit payment. • Distribution channel which in this case is DAS MOTOR help to market and advertise the product. • DAS MOTOR becomes chain in supply chain management.

2. Scope
There are several scope include in this thesis project:
• The DAS motor involvement in the distribution process of YAMAHA motorcycle. • The activities of DAS motor in their contribution of YAMAHA distribution process. • The importance of distribution channel (dealer) in supply chain management of motorcycle company • The existing problem in the process of distribution of PT.DAS motor. 3. Aims and Benefit

These are several aims and benefit of these thesis project:
• To better understand their distribution process in supply chain management, on how they produce, distribute and deliver products to final customer. Briefly, we will study on how this distribution process affect to the company revenue in next future. We will examine the flow process that related in our study of supply chain management in order to seek the best results. • To help improve our knowledge about management process in supply chain management. It would be more specific on how they can manage the product in high quantity for several days to be delivered to the customer. • To help us examine and analyse the major problem occurs in the company, what is the problem and how they can solve it. The aim is to know how the company solve the particular problems.


2.1 Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management is the active management of supply chain activities and relationships in order to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. In brief, it represents a conscious effort by a firm or group of firms to develop and run supply chains in the most effective and efficient ways possible. First, we know that organizations in the supply chain are linked together through physical flows, information flows, and monetary flows. It is on how we can...
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