Supply Chain Management

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12 1. -------------------------------------------------
What is the primary purpose of Warehouse and transportation execution systems? -------------------------------------------------
| | b. They address long-term strategic questions as facility location and sizing| | | a. They support tactical planning efforts by allocating "fixed" logistics capacity| | | d. They store goods and move them|

| | c. They initiate and control the movement of materials between supply chain partners| 1.5 points
Question 2
1. -------------------------------------------------
In the San Diego distribution center (DC) information flow example, dealers not being notified automatically of order status would be classified as which of the following information flow dimensions: -------------------------------------------------

| | b. Form and detail|
| | c. Reliability|
| | a. Availability|
| | d. Accuracy|
1.5 points
Question 3
1. -------------------------------------------------
Customer relationship management (CRM) activities:
| | c. Are those activities related to the implementation of a software package (CRM) aiming to manage sales to prospective customers only| | | a. Are planning and control activities that link a firm with its downstream customers| | | d. All of the above|

| | b. Are planning and control activities that link a firm with its upstream suppliers| 1.5 points
Question 4
1. -------------------------------------------------
In order to accommodate rapidly shifting consumer tastes by reducing cycle times, producing in smaller lots, and enabling rapid changes in production, factories that supply Nike are using: -------------------------------------------------

| | d. lean manufacturing.|
| | c. micro-management.|
| | a. modular production.|
| | b. wage incentives.|
1.5 points
Question 5
1. -------------------------------------------------
Computer-based information systems that allow users to analyze, manipulate, and present data in a manner that aids higher-level decision making are called: -------------------------------------------------

| | d. AMP's|
| | a. ERP's|
| | c. PDCA's|
| | b. DSS's|

1. -------------------------------------------------
The information transparency that PCH provides its customers through visibility tools like ChinaFlo, StatusFlo and TransFlo meet the needs of which of the following supply chains? -------------------------------------------------

| | b. The Internal supply chain|
| | c. The Physical supply chain|
| | d. The Virtual supply chain|
| | a. The Financial supply chain|
1.5 points
Question 2
1. -------------------------------------------------
CRM and SRM are abbreviations for relationship management between a firm and its: -------------------------------------------------
| | a. clients and services, respectively|
| | d. customers and services, respectively|
| | b. customers and suppliers, respectively|
| | c. creditors and salespeople, respectively|
What was the result of Nike's stumble when implementing i2?
Answer d. Nike halted the i2 implementation and instead implemented SAP a. Inventory problems which translated to product shortages, over-ordering, and unnecessary expediting costs, reducing Nike's 2001 3rd quarter sales by $100 million c. Nike's stock dropped by 50% due to its highly publicized problems when implementing i2 (有可能) b. Nike lost key retail customers due to inventory shortages and retailers' resistance to migrating their software systems to i2

From the PCH International case, did Casey believe in an asset-light or asset-heavy business approach for PCH International and why? Answer d. Asset-heavy. PCH was responsible for maintaining Chinese roadways and...
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