Supply Chain Logistics Strategies Q Paper Jul Dec 08

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CII Institute of Logistics
Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Semester IV – Assignment II
Supply Chain And Logistics Strategies

Answer all questions with explanation in not more than 20 words

1) “An industry’s competitive advantage cannot be built or sustained solely by market orientation” – Porter.


2) “WTO agreements ensure to provide enormous opportunities in areas of comparative advantage”. True/False

3) The formal structure of the organization shapes the way in which supply chain decisions are made. The culture, the informal structure and style of the company have no part to play. True/False

4) Distinctive competence means relative superiority in skills & resources.


5) Support activities of value chain are manufacturing, marketing, sales and service.


6) Experience curve suggests that increasing a company’s product-volume and market share will bring cost advantages over the competition. True/False

7) Global logistics capabilities must include only international transportation.


8) A multi division structure constitutes functional, product and matrix structure and such a structure will always be ideal for global operations. True/False

9) At the highest level, performance of a distribution network should be evaluated along two dimensions:

(i) Customer needs that are met
(ii) Cost of meeting customer needs


10) Supply chain decision phases may be categorized as design, planning or operational depending on the time over which the decisions made in a given phase apply.


Section B

Answer any three questions. Answers should indicate conceptual clarity.

1) With the help of a line diagram, indicate enterprise connectivity for a typical project life cycle starting with feasibility study and ending with procurement and contracts using LANs and WANs across a company in India. Assume suitably links have been established between the company in India and engineering set-up in Norway- (as an example) for transfer of drawings and 3-D Models. From the above draft the project life cycle – value chain.

2) a) Briefly discuss the three objectives for developing and implementing performance measurement system.

b) Why is it critical that logistics reporting systems reflect dynamic rather than static performance?

3) a) The manager at the supermarket would like to decrease the lot size without increasing the costs he incurs. What actions can he take to achieve this objective?

b) When are quantity discounts justified in a supply chain?

4) a) What differences in the retail environment may justify the fact that the fast moving consumer goods supply chain in India has far more distributors than in the Unites States?
b) What type of networks is best suited to highly differentiated products?

Section C

Read the case study, analyse it and proceed to answer the questions given below:

Mintendo Game Girl

It is late June, and Sandra, head of operations at Mintendo, and Bill, head of sales of We ‘R’ Toys, are about to get together to discuss production and marketing plans for the next six months. Mintendo is the manufacturer of the popular Game Girl handheld electronic game that is sold exclusively through We ‘R’ Toys retail stores. The second half of the year is critical to Game Girl’s success because a majority of their sales occur during the holiday shopping period.

Sandra is worried about the impact that the upcoming holiday surge in demand will have on her production line. Costs to subcontract assembly of the Game Girls are expected to increase and she has been trying to keep costs down given that her bonus depends on the level of production costs.

Bill is worried about competing toy stores gaining share during the Christmas buying season. He has seen many companies lose their share by failing to keep prices in line with...
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