Supply Chain Logistics Management

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Supply Chain Logistics
Part 1 establishes the strategic importance of logistics to achieving business success by creating value throughout domestic and global supply chains. The initial chapter scopes the current business attention to supply chain management. The supply chain provides the framework within which logistical strategies are developed and executed. Logistics, the primary topic of this book, is introduced in Chapter 2. The concept of integrated logistics is developed by discussing the ways specific work tasks combine to support customer accommodation, manufacturing, and procurement. Chapter 3 describes the importance of customer accommodation to successful logistics. The value created by logistics can serve as a powerful driver of customer success. Chapter 4 introduces procurement and manufacturing. The combination of customer accommodation, procurement, and manufacturing represents the supply chain operational areas that are linked and supported by logistics. Chapter 5 presents an overview of information technology that is specifically applicable to supply chain logistics. A framework is developed to serve as a format for presenting specific technology applications in supply chain logistics operation and design. Part 1 concludes in Chapter 6 with a discussion of integrated operations planning. One of the key challenges in integrated supply chain management is cross-functional and cross-enterprise planning and operational implementation.

Supply Chains
Chapter Outline
The Supply Chain Revolution
Why Integration Creates Value
Generalized Supply Chain Model
Integrative Management and Supply Chain Processes
Enterprise Extension
Integrated Service Providers
Anticipatory Business Model
Responsive Business Model
Barriers to Implementing Responsive Systems
Financial Sophistication
Cash-to-Cash Conversion
Dwell Time Minimization
Cash Spin...
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