Supply Chain Case Study of JY Books

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TBS908 SUpply Chain management
A review of JY Books Sdn Bhd’s
Supply Chain Management practices

Executive Summary

JY Books Sdn Bhd is a book publisher that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and publishes specialty books on the topics of Chinese Metaphysics and Geomancy (referred to as Feng Shui). They are primarily involved in publishing books by their founder Joey Yap, although they do also publish books by other up and coming Chinese Metaphysics practitioners. Our analysis of their Supply Chain Management focused on the key areas of sustainable supply chain management and also assessing the risk factors to their current supply chain.

In the course of our study, we discovered that a number of key supply chain issues presented an opportunity to change the current business focus/model. In its current state, JY Books’ supply chain is open to supply chain risks that can have a paralyzing short-term effect on their business. Their supply chain practices are also not in-line with a sustainable supply chain model (Linton, Klassen & Jayaraman, 2007) and result in a greater than necessary carbon footprint. Our study identified that switching to a supply chain model that is more vested in a digital thrust, with E-Books forming a key part of JY Books’ product offerings, would address both issues of a sustainable supply chain, as well as reduce the inherent risk in the current supply chain. This transition could also be implemented quite quickly, with very little disruption to the current supply chain and at a minimal cost for potentially better long-term profitability.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2

Table of Contents3
1. Introduction4
2. Supply Chain Map & Description5
3. Supply Chain Issues Reviewed7
4. Conclusion& Recommendations9


JY Books Sdn Bhd is a local book publisher that specialises in Chinese Metaphysics books. We have undertaken a Supply Chain map of the whole process, starting with the conceptualizing of the book, to the writing, editing, design and final publishing; mapping out the various value adding steps along the supply chain. The purpose of our study is to assess the sustainability practices of the current supply chain, as well as reviewing the potential disruption risks to the supply chain. Our study of sustainable supply chain management practices will be limited to Environmental Purchasing (Zailani et al. 2012 p. 332) and sustainable distribution of the final product, as these areas present the most impact where the publishing of books is concerned. Disruption to the supply chain will consider both Endogenous uncertainty as well as Exogenous uncertainty (Trkman & McCormack, p.249), as both of these may have a material impact on the supply chain. However, for the exogenous uncertainties, we will restrict our considerations to continuous risks rather than disruptive events (e.g. natural disasters, riots), as these are more relevant given the business environment in Malaysia and the nature of JY Books’ business. This study was undertaken by interviewing the organisation’s employees and stakeholders directly responsible for each process in the supply chain, as well as the external suppliers of JY Books directly involved in adding value to the process.

SUpply CHain Map – JY Books

As we know, most supply chains begin with the raw material inputs; in this case the initial raw material is human capital in the way of subject knowledge. The current supply chain at JY Books begin with establishing the concept of the book; working together with the author to identify the subject matter and title of the book. Once this becomes an approved concept, the author then begins work on the first manuscript of the book. The first draft of the manuscript is then passed on to a dedicated...
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