Supply Cahin Management of Alauddin Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited.

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Chapter One: Introduction

1.1: Introduction

Bangladesh is rich in natural resources as well as human resources. There are many garments and textiles in this country for the availability of manpower. Favorable environment for work and co-operation of government also encourage establishing garments and textile industries here. Alauddin Textile Mills (ATM) Pvt. Limited is one of the well-known textile mills in Bangladesh. In this paper, I take Alauddin Textile Mills (ATM) Pvt. Ltd. as a field of my investigation and research. This company is also known as ATM lungi factory locally for producing popular product “ ATM Lungi”. This company is to conduct many of it’s activities for supplying it’s well-known product to the customers .Of them, I chose it’s supply chain management as my research field. Because, supply chain management is an inevitable part of any company. I noticed it’s all supply chain activities very closely.

In recent years, supply chain management (SCM) has been developed as essential management philosophy and practice for all business operations. As with other business management principles, SCM also applies to the textile and apparel industries. A sound supply chain management helps to identify the supplier and the customer demand that operation must satisfy, link customer demand with suppliers and production plans, and keep the operation function focused on satisfying customers’ need. The supply chain not only includes the manufacturer and suppliers, but also transporters, warehouses, retailers, and customer themselves. Supply chain management (SCM) is the synchronized of a firm’s processes and those of its suppliers to match the flow of materials, services, and information with customer demand. It is also a process of managing operations control, resource acquisition and purchasing, and inventory to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. This paper focuses on some of the major aspects of supply chain management with its major recompense and how to design and implement effective and efficient supply chain management. 1.2: Background of the company:

Alauddin Textile Mills (Pvt.) is a well known textile industry of Bangladesh. It has achieved it’s fame to produce lungi a native popular product of Bangladesh. Now a days “ATM Lungi” is now most popular brand in lungi in Bangladesh. Garments and textiles are considered as a beck and belly of earning foreign currency. Especially Dhaka region has the major concentration in establishing garments and textiles. So ATM Pvt. Limited has chosen Tangail and Norshindi which are near at hand of Dhaka, as factory place. It is a private limited firm. The incorporation period of this firm is 1993. Mr. Alauddin (engineer) is the entrepreneur and custodian of this company. He started production in a small amount with small capital and sell it in the local market of Tangail. Initially, he had to face many hardship to cut a established figure. But,He gradullay become afford to occupy the local market for maintaining good quality product. Thus, in a short possible time ATM Lungi disbursed it’s reputation throughout the whole country. It is registered with Board of Investment ( Bangladesh). This company out and out concerned with textile business. Cotton, Yarn, Fabric are the listed product of this firm. But, Lungi is the finished goods of ATM Limited. It was the outset of this company when the number of worker was only a handful 10-15 and employees were 2 and Mr. Alauddin himself executed his business. Now, about 2300 workers and 200 employees are at the disposal of this company . Female workers have taken the possession of 45% of total number of workers. It is mentionable that this company didn’t allow no child labor so far. This company is also the member of Dhaka Chamber of commerce, and Narshindi &Tangail Chamber of commerce.

1.3: Statement of the problem:
In production plan of this factory, there are many hardship faced by the production...

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