Super Size Me

Topics: McDonald's, Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: November 14, 2013

A Super-Sized Review
Supersize Me is a film by Morgan Spurlock made in 2005. It is a very educational documentary which states and supports with a good amount of evidence, the importance of healthy eating. Spurlock's film started out as an experiment to prove McDonald's wrong by eating their food for a month. He did this because lawyers defending the fast food enterprise claimed their food would do little harm if you were to eat it for a month, according to a lawsuit from two adolescent girls accusing the "golden arches" of making them extremely obese. The young filmmaker ended up nearly taking his life – something not even health care professionals predicted would occur. Spurlock also had to supersize his order if the McDonald's employees asked him if he would like to. The Oscar-nominated film Supersize Me packs together an unusual tone, style and approach for its genre, which has the power to lure a Blockbuster customer away from the dull film and send them running for the last copy of Spurlock's film, passionately and violently assassinating any other interested patrons who dare get in their way.

Supersize Me is a delicious, mouth-watering three-course meal, consisting of breathtaking colors and images, a killer soundtrack and interesting shots, which also makes up the style of the film. The songs accompanying Supersize Me goes along like bread and butter with the documentary's tone, being darkly humorous – unless you're American, that is. For example, in the song played in the main menu of the DVD, a portion of the lyrics are as follows: "Super size, super size the American way, goin' down, throwin' down all day, every day. Super size, super size the American way, gettin' fat, gettin' broke, either way you gotta pay!” As an added bonus to the film's soundtrack, the second song, "Fat-Bottomed Girls" pleases fans of the British rock group Queen. One of the elements that differentiates Spurlock's documentary from others is its relatable approach. Any...
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