Summary For UPS Infs 1602

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Summary for UPS's Values, Mission, and Strategy
Generally speaking, this article is about the UPS’s company culture. It is divided into three sections. The first section is what they believe and what they persist in. They claim that they believe in teamwork and pursuit of excellence. Furthermore, they also point out that they are interest in long-term prosperity as well as innovation. The second section is focus on their goals. They set goals from 4 aspects, which are expanding global business, offering competitive return, changing communities and encouraging staffs and partners to be success respectively. The final section is about UPS enterprise strategy. Their strategies are based on creating value, transforming and self-development. To be more specific, UPS is creating value for customers through their superior portfolio of logistics capabilities. UPS is concentrate on constantly transforming to consolidate their leadership position. Summary for UPS Competes Globally with Information Technology This article gives us a general picture of UPS logistic service. In the beginning, the article provides background information that contains the initial stage and business capacity of the company. They promised customers to the “best service lowest rates “. In addition, the article adds several tremendous numbers about their equipment, staff as well as daily workloads to show their capacity. Then the article mainly focuses on describing the entire process of their modern logistic service from picking package to dispatching. The UPS’s information system start with the scannable bar-coded label attached to a package. With the special software, UPS are able to provide the most efficient delivery route for dispatchers, and it could reduce consumption of fuel sharply. Furthermore the article introduced indispensable equipment called a Delivery Information Acquisition Device that enables delivery information to be shared between UPS staff and customers. Customers also...
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