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Sheila James
October 12, 2012
Sandra Lehr-Cecere

Define and give an example of each of the following terms

1. Developmental milestone –Is when children learn certain skills that are supposed to be normal for their age. (Example, talking) 2. Developmental continuum - a tool used to assist teachers to find out where children are developmentally (Developmental Continuum for Ages 3–5) 3. Normal development-. Is the process of growing and developing skills that other children that age are developing (example: 2 years to 3 years example traveling and balancing skills. 4. Developmental delay-. Is when a child does not develop the necessary skills needed to function as a preschooler when they are normally developed such as (walking and talking?) 5. Atypical development- any aspect of a child’s physical or psychological makeup that is not the same as what would be considered normal. For (example Autism)

6. Biological risk- things the child is born with a diagnosed medical decision such as (hearing loss vision problems). 7. people-first language-.this is the language that speaks of the person first and then the disability; (for example, “a child with bi-polar not a bi-polar child) 8. nurturance- The showing of love and what the child needs (examples responding to a child’s needs like food, clothing, and shelter.) 9. Irreversible developmental problem- means that developmental problems cannot be corrected or changed. (Example lead poisoning causes learning disabilities like ADD 10. gifted child -having exceptionally high intelligence. (Examples a gifted child may be very dramatic, musically inclined or artistic.)

Circle the best answer
1. Normal development implies:
A. beginning to walk between eight and twenty-two
Months of age.

2. If a child’s appetite decreases during the early preschool Years, parents and caregivers should:
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