stress and coping

Topics: Health, Sympathetic nervous system, Anxiety Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: October 30, 2013

I chose the following stressful satiation to evaluate:
“Nancy is ready to leave the house for work and finds that her car will not work.” This stressful situation can be labeled as having more than one stressors : 1.) work-related stress with a role conflict factor, being that Nancy is now going to be late for work, which she could get fired for. She has no way to get herself anywhere without a car that run: 2.) daily occurrences she is going to be worrying about getting help from someone to get to work Nancy will also have to contact a tow truck to get her car taken to be fixed. Nancy’s response physiologically would be increase in autonomic nervous system activity that will prepare Nancy’s body for the fight-or-flight stress response; this would be her body releasing hormones that affect her breathing, heart rate, digestive system, muscles, higher blood pressure, internal changes that cannot be seen or noticed by Nancy as well. Her response Nancy is experiencing to manage the stressor is acute stress, this is a controllable stressor, a stressor that can be changed or eliminated through actions (Gerrig and Zimbardo, 2008). Nancy needs to reduce her stress by dealing directly with her stress causing situation ; using problem- directed coping method. By focusing on the problem and its resolution will get her stress levels down. Problem-directed coping method changes the relationship to the stress through direct problem solving activities (Argosy Univ., 2011). Nancy needs to deal with her stress or it could cause her to make bad choices such as; eating unhealthy fatty foods, smoking, drinking,. This in turn leads to the long term health problems like; heart problems, cancer, strokes, obesity, and suicide. Her physical health is connected to state of mind. Having good health and wellness includes emotional, social, physical, environmental and spiritual, parts of her life. To help Nancy deal will stressors she could start exercising regularly,...

References: Gerrig, R .J. and Zimbardo, P. G. (2008). Psychology and Life, 18t Ed., Chapter 12, Emotions, Stress and Health.00
Argosy Univ. (2011). General Psychology Psych101, Module 2, Readings retrieved Oct. 13, 2013 from
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