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What is the general adaptation syndrome (GAS)?
General adaptation syndrome, or gas, is a term used to describe the reactions to short term and long term body stress. Stress factors in humans include such physical stressors and emotional or mental, is about the influence of stress injury or illness. Is based on the body's to response to a stressful environment distributed in three stages.

What is the normal function of GAS?
When the body systems, is maintain a stable and consistent balanced state. This concept is homeostasis

What are the three stages of GAS? Describe them briefly.
Reaction to stress is the first stage that allows us to recognize the existence of danger y also prepares us to deal with the threat, a.k.a. the fight or flight response, and activation of the nervous system (SNS) and the adrenal glands. During this phase the main stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, is released to provide instant energy. But too much adrenaline results in a surge of blood pressure that can damage blood vessels of the heart and brain – a risk factor in heart attack and stroke. The excess production of the cortisol hormone can cause damage to cells and muscle tissues. Stress related disorders and disease from cortisol include cardiovascular conditions, stroke, gastric ulcers, and high blood sugar levels. At this stage everything is working as it should – but if have a stressful event, the body is immediately equipped with enough energy to handle it.

In second phase, the organism adapt to the stressor and If desired balance is achieved, the body returns to normal (HOMEOSTASIS). If the stressor will continue for long time, the appearance of the body's looks normal but physiologically and the body's internal functioning is not normal, Overuse by the body's defense mechanism in this phase eventually leads to disease as peptic ulcer and ulcerative colitis, hypertension and cardiovascular disease inter alia....
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