Strategic Initiative Paper

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June 5, 2013

Strategic Initiative Paper
There is an increase in governmental and public analysis regarding food safety. Whole Foods believe customers shop Whole Foods because of their concentration in health, nutrition, and food safety. Customers hold Whole Foods to a higher food safety standard than other supermarkets. The perceived or actual sale of contaminated food products could result in “government enforcement action, private litigation, product recalls and other liabilities, the settlement or outcome of which might have a material adverse effect on our operating results” ("U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission," 2012).

Whole Foods uses the “farm-to-fork” method that allows customers to have informed purchasing decisions. Whole Foods is committee to natural, organic products grown locally held to high quality standards. Whole Foods has an emphasis on perishable product sales, healthy eating products and education, which makes customers aspiring to a healthier lifestyle prefer Whole Foods.

Whole Foods commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles and educating the public on the importance to healthy eating started their initiative to support many organizations that support healthy lifestyles. According to "U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission" (2012), “Healthy Eating Education is a program that includes healthy eating classes and networking opportunities for customers. Whole Planet Foundation® empowers the poor through microcredit. Whole Foods Market covers all operating costs for Whole Planet Foundation. Program grants are funded in part by the sale of products under the Company’s Whole Trade Guarantee Program, along with support from customers, vendors and team members. Whole Kids Foundation™ is an independent non-profit organization founded in July 2011 that is dedicated to improving children’s nutrition by supporting schools and inspiring families. Green Mission® is committed to supporting...
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