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Topics: Strategic management, Management, Supply chain Pages: 3 (706 words) Published: December 15, 2014
7-Internal analysis of the company. Strengths and weaknesses. Use the techniques you consider appropriate: strategic profile, BCG matrix, value chain, SWOT analysis. First of all we are going to describe the main general advantages of Starbucks by a little SWOT analysis and then more concretely the value chain. Starbucks strengths are its capital, brand image, wide geographic presence and first-mover advantage which allow Starbucks to capture huge market share. Efficient management, dedicated staff and efficient R&D team help achieve operational excellence. Exclusive rights to some of the best coffee beans and prime store locations create a coffee experience like none other. Some of Starbucks weaknesses are the oversizement,cause it devaluated the product image ,and it caused the non-adapting to all the cultures in which the company has stores. It´s size can also make implementing changes to all its stores difficult For discussing this question we are going to analyze the value chain too, for seeing how one of the main Starbucks advantage is to eliminate suppliers into the value chain to get more profits, by roasting their own coffee beans ,so managing its value chain activities has been key to Starbucks' success.

-Primary activities
.-Inbound logistics :Sourcing coffee from diverse coffee beans producers with whom they have great relationships and built up efficient supply chain management system. .-Operations :They have operation in 60 countries with their stores being modeled on company operated stores and licensed stores. .-Outbound logistics: Most of its product mix are sold in-store and some through large box retailers.Payment around source through point of sale, prepaid Starbucks Cards and mobile payments. .-Marketing and Sales : Traditionally, investment in marketing activities have not be significant and relied mainly on the growing reputation of premium quality product mix and superior customer services to give the ‘Starbucks Experience’ to drive...
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