Sociology Paper #1

Topics: Nutrition, Eating, High school Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: March 24, 2014
I remember watching and reading Super Size Me in middle school and Food INC. as well in high school. My initial reaction to Super Size Me was disgust. I found the way they treated chickens and how McDonald’s made their food disgusting. Just prior to viewing Super Size Me, I was already visiting fast food places like McDonald’s less frequently and after viewing Super Size Me I rarely ate at a fast food place. My visits to fast food places decreased at a rate to around once a year. However, as time passed my visits to fast food places slowly increased and by sophomore to junior year in high school I actually started to enjoy eating fast food again. By the time I saw Food INC around sophomore to junior year, I was desensitized to eating fast food because of the good taste, the speed, and especially the cheap prices. When I viewed Food INC for the first time in high school, I found it quite boring because I rationalized a belief that “food is food” so I didn’t care at all how food is made as long as it could fill my stomach. Coincidentally, before my second viewing of Food INC in our first sociology class, I was in a renaissance of eating healthier. I wanted to lose some weight and maintain that healthier weight not by using a temporary diet but by changing my lifestyle. I decided to cut out processed foods as much as possible. I was also interested in the organic option over the conventional options at a Safeway for example so I did my research on organic food. While there isn’t hard conclusive evidence that non-organic food is surely harmful to the body, there were some interesting correlations with non-organic food and negative effects. Upon further research and article reading, I read that some foods should definitely be eaten organic versus food that doesn’t have to be eaten organically. For example fruits or vegetables with a thick covering like pineapple will be less affected by pesticides because the hard “shell” prevents the pesticides from getting to the...
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