Socio-Economic Study

Topics: Economics, Cost-utility analysis, Computable general equilibrium Pages: 8 (1877 words) Published: October 6, 2012
-serves as an aid in determining the socio economic contributions the project/business can offer. -attempt to determine economic impacts on society or GNP.
- Based on the fact that the enterprise is an organ of society and that its actions have a decisive impact on the social scene. -Any business, in the present world situation, has the responsibility to make its best contribution to the defensive strength of its country. -the business must consider its impact upon society. It has to consider whether the action is likely to promote the public good, to advance the basic beliefs of our society, or contribute to its stability, strength and harmony. - Businesses are the growth engine of the most successful economy.


1. Employment and income
2. Taxes
3. Supply of commodities
4. Demand for materials

-It entails the survey of relevant data as to the income, profession, gender distribution, age range, and other quantifiable demographic profile that may affect the implementation of the project.

- Project must also present the economic benefits to show the net contribution along the social welfare of the country. - Process by which the project’s desirability in terms of its net contribution (whether favorable or unfavorable) to the economic and social welfare of the country as a whole may be determined. -Quantifiable feasibility indicators needed such are the cost-benefit analysis; net present value; cost effective analysis; cost utility analysis;

- A way to determine how a development project might affect the social and economic conditions of people and communities. - It can be used to assess impacts of a wide range of types of change. - It can help design impact mitigation strategies to minimize negative and maximize positive impacts of any change.

A SEIA study:
1) describes the current social and economic conditions of the area concerned 2) predicts the good and bad effects of a project on people and communities. 3) identifies ways to reduce bad effects and improve good effects. 4) describes how to keep track of the changes the project causes. 5) describes how changes caused by the project will be managed.


1. SCOPING- this phase establishes the goals and boundaries of the assessment and focuses the SEIA on key impacts.

• time and resources available for the SEIA
• nature of the proposal being assessed
• groups who are potentially impacted
• key impacts of interest
• extent of available information, its potential usefulness in terms of appropriate scale, timeframe, content etc and how data gaps can be addressed • process and methods to be used for the SEIA.

- Information obtained in this will help determine what approach to use in the assessment. - It also considers the level of community participation or involvement in the SEIA.

Scoping for community involvement can occur in a number of ways:

(1) Existing consultation processes
• key impacts of interest may already have been identified • the consultation group can feed into a consultative committee to advise on the SEIA • information already obtained can assist in determining the best processes for the SEIA • information from the SEIA can input into the consultative process.

(2) A rapid assessment
-It can provide basic information on the likely scope and nature of impacts, providing a useful guide to those who are considering different proposals. - Generally involves limited consultation.
- Can form the basis of subsequent in-depth impact assessment and provide useful information to input into the scoping process of a longer impact assessment process.

With rapid assessment a key aspect of scoping is:
• identifying the types of impact that can be assessed within the ‘rapid’ timeframe provided • ensuring key stakeholders...
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