Skills Audit

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Skills audit
Job title
Skills needed
Accountants need to be able to grasp new concepts quickly – whether it is adjusting to new information or data, managing a project, or meeting a new client. If something is new, they need to be able to ask the right questions and follow the right leads during research. Recruiters like to see that you can apply your knowledge to practical situations. Enthusiasm Taking the initiative and being enthusiastic and interested in your job is important. Candidates who get in touch with recruiters and make themselves known are more likely to stand out. It’s a good idea to attend events and fairs and meet people from the firm you’re interested in. Enthusiasm is also shown by doing research – you wouldn’t bother researching something and keeping up to date with it if you weren’t generally interested in and enthused by it. Mention an aspect of the firm’s work that interests you and find a way to link it to your own skills and experience. Communication

Accountants need to deliver complex information in a professional and jargon-free manner. You will also need to be able to work with colleagues, often in a team, at all levels of the business – good teamwork won’t happen without good communication between members. You need to be able to express yourself briefly, but you also need to be a good listener. Teamwork

Accounting is a team-oriented career; learning to coordinate and communicate with team members is a key skill accounting. Leadership Skills
Ability to motivate and lead people to accomplish certain goals and objectives  Current skills
From currently working at the retail store Forever 21 I have gained some skills that will help me to become an accountant. Good customer service
I ensure that each customer receives the best customer service before, during and after a purchase. I am friendly and polite, and always put the customer first as this is very important in creating loyal customers....
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