Short Term Memory

Topics: Short-term memory, Memory, Nervous system Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: July 22, 2008
Short Term Memory

After reading several articles on short term memory, I noticed mostly everyone defines it differently. The most frequent definition is a system for temporarily storing and managing information required to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning and comprehension. It is involved in selection, initiation and termination of information - processing functions such as encoding, storing, and retrieving data. Short term memory is the little thing that completely vanishes when you need it. So I guess you know I am about to get into one of my stories. Have you ever waited anxiously on the phone for a friend to come back just so you can tell her what just happened. However when she finally got back to the phone you completely forgot what you had to tell her. Don’t you hate when that happens. That is short - term memory. Short term memory doesn’t change base on gender. However both men and women differences come into play on what they remember. In one article George Miller argued that short term memory has a forward memory span of approximately seven items. He explained the importance of noting the distinction between an item stored in memory and single digit or letter. Its like studying for a big test one day before you have to take it. Of course you know it is almost impossible to remember everything so you remember key terms and other small things that are relevant. One example is a multiple choice exam. You have twelve words to define, so the first thing you do is look for words in the definition that are prevalent in only one definition and you relate it to the word. There are several ways to help with short term memory. One way that I found rather interesting was a game targeted at improving short term memory. There was a poem that the parent was suppose to read. It went as followed: Johnny went to the market. Johnny went to the store.

But when poor Johnny got there, he forgot what he went there for. Momma gave him a list....
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