Shadow of the Red Moon

Topics: Black Death, Great Plague of London, Fen Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Shadow of The Red Moon

Time: When stories were not written but passed from word of mouth. Okalians eventually wrote Book of Orenllag.
Book of Orenllag about legend of triumph and rise to greatness. Okalians- The People Who Dream Greatly lived in Southern part of a Land. Okalians-Do not eat Flesh. Do not like being eaten.
In the Land- Food was plenty.
Okalians overcome obstacles to become strong and great people. Due to a Meteor Collision, Okalians forced to leave homes hence, explore across Wilderness in search of shelter. Okalians built a city made out of Solid Crystal known as Crystal City. Crystal City built as a refuge.

A great invention and life for the Okalians-Crystal City. The Great Plague arrives.
Okalians not affected by the plague.
Elders in Crystal City keep close gates to keep out the plague. Strangers with plague forbidden into the city. Na’ans, Kargs and Fens-lived in the Wilderess, were affected by plague. Fens- Eat Flesh and kill animals.

Fen Children died due to starvation or killed by wild animals. Fen children want to undertake Crystal City for protection---Fens want to form their own community. Fens surround Crystal City. Hurled rocks/stones. Sharpened flints to get inside gleaming walls. Fens made crack in walls. Okalians escape through ventilating tunnels and into Wilderness. One of the Okalians, Jon a Fifteen year-old, sent to Wilderness to search for Ancient Land. Ancient Land-Where the Okalian Civilization had begun.

Jon allies himself with Lin and her brother Kyra.
Jon, Lin and Kyra meet a Black Unicorn caught in traps of thick vines. Black Unicorn named as Shadow.
Atalia, Pan, Ceb and Atun (Minor Characters) introduced. Jon, Lin and Kyra stay in the compound with Atalia, Pan, Ceb and Atun. Jon, Lin and Kyra continue to Ancient Land.
Jon, Lin and Kyra reach Gunda’s Hope-vast mesa where Okalians struggled North-ward to Crystal City. During the journey,...
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