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Topics: Computer, Nervous system, Computer software Pages: 6 (1691 words) Published: March 6, 2015
In order to replace human senses, computers needed input devices for perception and data entry.
Since computers have been created, there have been many improvements to where they are now and I still believe there is much more to be done with computers. Although computers have their own brain they still do what humans tell them to do. Computers can solve problems and look up certain data, but it is all based upon what it is told to do by the operator. This leads me to the topic of what is still missing. The piece that is still missing from computers being able to replace human senses is the fact that they are not able to think on their own. As mentioned earlier, can operate by producing outcome, but they have to be told what functions to do. Computers do not also have emotions or the ability to think on their own which is something humans can do. The only thing computers can be accomplished to improve in this area would be for the computers to act as robots where they would have a mind of their own, but still in that sense they would still have to be told what to do or programmed in a way to be able to operate.

A huge achievement in this area would be the programs that are installed on the computers that allow them to provide output and data. An example of this would be the operating systems that the computers have installed. With these programs, they computers can produce the output that the humans have asked the computers to do. Now when you purchase a computer, it comes with these operating systems already installed whereas before when you would purchase a computer, you will still have to go out and purchase an operating system and then install it on the computer. Without the operating system, the computer would not be able to function at all like a human. In order to be able to store data and process it like a human brain, computers needed processors and memory.

Memory is any kind of data stored up that can be used to apply/develop certain functions. Something that is very similar with humans and computers. Humans are taught information starting from grade school all the way to adulthood and they are constantly storing what they have learned in their brain (memory) to apply those lessons taught when needed. Very similar to the human brain, the computers have memory that stores data allowing them to perform certain operations. An example of a computers brain (memory) would be the Random Access Memory (RAM). The RAM in the computer can be compared to the short-term memory in a human. While I believe that computers have come a long way with their memory, I still think that it can be improved upon. What could be still be missing is the amount of storage allowed on computers/devices to store up memory. The amount of memory a computer can store has definitely been enlarged, but at the rate technology is forever growing the amount of media (pictures, videos) humans have it could be easy for them to run out of memory.

While I think that the amount of memory a computer can store is still something that can be improved upon, I also think it is a huge accomplishment as well. Even when buying computers, consumers are given the option of the amount of memory they would like to purchase based on the needs of the computer. Consumers are given options whereas when computers first came out, there was a very standart/low amount of memory offered.

In order to replace the human nervous system and be able to perform, computers needed software.
Computers are constantly evolving to be able to operate like humans. In order for computers to be able to operate like the human nervous system, the computer will need software. The software of course is developed by humans. The humans write the software programs to be tell the computers how they should operate. The way these software programs are written, they tell the computers exactly how and when to...
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