Security and Legislative Issues

Topics: Physical security, Data Protection Act 1998, Security guard Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Security and Legislative Issues.
For the past few years Luna Sensations has not been focusing a lot on security in the workplace, because of the breaking they suffered in 2011. Luna Sensations wants to venture into E- Business so the company has to ensure that all security measures put in place works properly. Some of the physical security elements affecting Luna Sensations are the unprotected workstations and lack of security for databases. For Luna Sensations to improve their physical security they must install security cameras so as to have the security of the database ensured also with the use of guards at the door or even a security pad that only a few members of the workplace know the combination to. With this in place customers would be more assured that their information is safe and secure, according to the Data Protection Act (1998). The act states that personal information collected by any company must be lawfully processed collected for a specific purpose, adequate or relevant, accurate, secure and are not kept longer than necessary. Some digital security elements that are affecting or will be affecting Luna Sensations would be the use of the encryption process so as to ensure that all their information is only accessible and understand by their network, having a very powerful antivirus installed on to their computer systems to ensure that hacking of their systems would be difficult to hackers. The company can also use firewalls to help in the protection of their customer’s information. With the Data Protection Act (1998) Luna Sensations must be very careful with customer records and information because if they were to lose the information they could be sued by the customers and lose a lot of their revenue/profit. Their sales would also drop significantly due to the fact that they are not protecting their customer’s information. Some suggestions I would give to Luna Sensations is to implement new methods of protect their customer data by encrypting...
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