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Topics: Supply chain management, Supply chain, Dell Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: May 28, 2013
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Arabic Higher National Diploma in Computing and Business Applications Supply Chain Management

How Dell company managed its supply chain

Done by student: Rawan Nizar Al-Am
Class : C3
Semester : F12 @E-mail : Rawan_35554
Submission Date : 01-06-2013
Work Submitted to : Dr. Bassam Badran

Table of Contents
Dell’s process to improve its supply chain3
Upstream, Downstream and internal of supply chain3
Participatory actions3
How to keep a supply chain active in Dell4

Dell’s process to improve its supply chain
Since Dell’s inception in 1984, it has been known for its direct-to-consumer and innovative supply chain strategies. (1) means that the customer can order a computer in a specific specifications from Dell and the company will satisfy him/her. Dell has been known for a long time in its distinguished supply chain among all competitive companies. But they had a problem which was HP company “One of the most important benefits of Dell’s direct supply chain model is product configuration just prior to shipment” (2) which reduces the cost of warehousing for Dell and its suppliers, also reduces the damages that can happen to the product. “Dell’s highly efficient build-to-order business model enables customized computer systems to be built and delivered quickly” (3) “Our global supply chain is integral to Dell’s long-term commitment to become the greenest technology company on earth” (4) Which illustrates that Dell’s supply chain takes the leadership in its field. In addition Dell is taking care of the environment and planet in its manufacturing and production lines. “If you can energize your supply chain on environmental issues, it will cascade through the entire business. This is integral to our approach of being supply chain drivers” (5) Dell is highly interested in environment and our planet, because almost all companies are not interested in our environment, and when a company...

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