Science of Maijuana

Topics: Cannabis, Nervous system, Brain Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Going Green?

People all around the world have different views on the commonly used drug called Marijuana. Pot, weed, grass, ganja and skunk, are some of the common words used to describe the dried leaves drug known as marijuana. Marijuana is a cannabis plant that is usually smoked or eaten to entice euphoria. “Marijuana is also spelled marihuana, curde drug composed of leaves and flowers of plants in the genus Cannabis.”{Britannica} Throughout the years, there have been investigations done on the negative and positive effects of marijuana on the human body and the brain. Marijuana is commonly valuable to the treatment of AIDS, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, cancer, stroke and chronic pain. However, researchers have been working to explain how marijuana has detrimental affects on the functions of central nervous system and enables the memory and movement of the user's brain.

“Marijuana impinges on the central nervous system by attaching to brain's neurons and interfering with normal communication between the neurons. These nerves respond by altering their initial behavior.” {Madras} For example, if a nerve is supposed to support one in retrieving short-term memory, cannabinoids receptors make them do the contradictory. This is also why avid marijuana smokers forget what they have done in the last five to ten minutes. “A single Marijuana plant contains 400 chemicals and 60 of them are cannabinoids, which are psychoactive compounds that are produced inside the body after cannabis is metabolized or is extorted from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids is an active ingredient of marijuana. The most psychoactive cannabinoids chemical in marijuana that has the biggest impact on the brain is tetrahydrocannibol, or THC. THC is the main active ingredient in marijuana because it affects the brain by binding to and activating specific receptors, known as cannabin receptors.” {Madras}

Neuroscientists Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux, France, and Xia Zhang...
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