Sci210 the Sciences: Inquiry, Innovation, Invention Phase 1 Ip

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Ryan Ramsook
Instructor Wasim
Phase 1 IP
SCI210 The Sciences: Inquiry, Innovation, Invention
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According to my textbook the three essential properties of every material is the kind of atoms of which it is made. The way those atoms are arranged. The way the atoms are bonded to each other. Atoms is all matter is composed of atoms. Atoms are the minimum particle of an element that retains its identity in a chemical reaction. Atom comes from the Greek word atomos meaning inseparable. (Trefil, 2010)

According to my reading silicon, based semiconductors revolutionized computing. Because silicone semi conductors are able to move freely through the solid component it is more efficient than copper based conductors. Silicone based conductors form holes which creates and fills a space continually. Meaning electrons jump from one atom to another. Also silicone is changed through a process called doping through adding either phosphorus or aluminum the desired effect is achieved. When phosphorus is added to silicon it become n-type (Negative-semiconductor). When aluminum is added to silicone it becomes p-type (semiconductors). Both are essential for parts functions efficient electrical devices (microchips, which are use, in. computers (Nano technology).

Microchips are a positive and negative type semiconductors. Microchips perform a specific function. A microchip is individual diodes and transistors still plays the essential function in contemporary electronics, however these devices have been mainly replaced by much more complex arrays of P- and N- kind semi conductors, known as microchips. Microchips may incorporate hundreds or thousands of transistors in one integrated circuit, specially intended to do a specific role.

They are associated to integrated circuits here is why. Integrated circuits (microchips) are the main component in devices such as calculators, microwave and other devices. An integrated circuit microprocessor lies...

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Trefil. (2010). The Sciences: An integrated approach. Wiley.
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