Sci-275 Week 2 Assignment

Topics: Nervous system, Insecticide, Cancer Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Assignment: Risk Assessment
Jennifer Josey
April 7, 2012
Erin Rust

Malathion has been introduced to our City Council here in Wilhelmville. We as a community are looking for a pesticide to kill these insects destroying our crops, however in reviewing information found and presented to us and our council we have a split decision. Below is what we have been presented with by concerned citizens of the community. When presenting this information to the members of the council will assist me and others in our decision whether this is the pesticide that we need to use here in our community.

Hazard identification

Malathion is a strong insecticide used primarily to control insects on crops. Water, sunlight and soil brake down Malathion when it is exposed to these elements. If you are in the vicinity of the area sprayed, this is where you will get the exposure of Malathion. Usually the risk comes from Malathion in the air or on the surface of something you may touch. The brain and the nervous system are affected when exposed to Malathion. You may have trouble breathing or headaches, chest pains, vomiting, dizziness and even death. However if you seek medical attention immediately typically there are no long term affects. What happens if you do not know that you have been infected? Once in the air Malathion will get on cars, homes, furniture and shoes carrying it into homes and around our children and infants. Malathion can be inhaled or digested if it gets into our water. There are safety precautions but I do not believe that all residents of Wilhelmville City will be prepared to take or have enough knowledge to do so. Malathion can also harm our livestock in our county and surrounding counties. If our cattle ingest it and we sell the cattle to slaughter, the meat can be ingested into humans.    


 “At very high doses, Malathion exposure can lead to death. Acute dermal and ocular exposure can cause slight...

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