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Information sharing

Knowing how and when to share information is an essential part of delivering better services for children and young people. The skills and knowledge outlined in this area include understanding and respecting the legislation and ethics surrounding confidentiality and security of information. It is imperative that I know how to share relevant information, and that I consistently work in a confidential manner. As I mentioned earlier in the incident with the child in school it was very important I did not share the details of what the child had said with anyone else and abide by the confidentiality procedures in my setting.

Ensuring I work well within these areas enables me to meet the expectations of my role

National Occupational Standards (NOS)

National occupational standards (NOS) are statements of competence describing good practice and are written to measure performance outcomes ,essentially they describe what people need to be able to do, as well as what they must know and understand for their work.

The national occupational standards for supporting teaching and learning (NOS STL) in schools are applicable to a wide range of roles and responsibilities

The national occupational standards represent best practice expectations about the role and responsibilities of teaching/classroom assistants. These standards can be used in a variety of ways to support the management and development of teaching/classroom assistants as well as forming the basis of National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (NVQs/SVQs).

National occupational standards will be used by schools to devise job descriptions and will assist with recruitment and ongoing training needs as they outline the expectations and responsibilities relevant to roles.

Teaching/classroom assistants are an integral part of the school staff team and as such have a responsibility for working to agreed school policies and procedures. In my role it is essential...
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