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SHC 22
1.1 Describe and explain the duties and responsibilities of your own work role.

My duties starts in the morning when I have to welcome the children and start to get involved in their activities, which vary depending on which child age I am asked to supervise. I assist other members of staff to support the children in their personal development in different ways: setting some interesting activities for them, support their routine. I give them along side my mentor the opportunity to learn things in their ways, without teaching them, but supervise them in their learning. I am responsible for the childrens hygiene and to keep them healthy, to respect the safety rules and to prevent and avoid the dangerous situations. I will learn to make observations of the child achievements and the stages of development, which I will share with parents and carers. I will be trained to give first aid treatment if necessarily. And complete relevant paperwork, carry out risk assessments for different situations report any incidents or accidents and any medication which is given during my working hours. I will be expected to observve child behaviours and developments by obtaining permission from parents if required and also to plan trips and activities 1.2 Identity Standards that influence the way your role is carried out.  There are standards that all seetings and those working in them must comply with for examples, Minimum National Standards, Codes of practice, Regulations and National Occupational Standards. All these standards set out valules and principles that will help childrent develop and grow Children Act 2004 – gives a legal basis for how social service and other agencies deal with issues relating to children, to help make positive contribution to their lives, allow them to be healthy, keep them safe in their environment

The Care Standards Act 2000
Data Protection Act
National Occupational
1.3 Describe ways to ensure that my personal attitudes or...
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