rome vs han

Topics: Bubonic plague, Black Death, Roman Empire Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Elizabeth Sardina
5th period
Compound Sentence/Vocab Un. 1&2

Cockroaches have high levels of survival; however, they are not invincible due to the fact that millions are squished by feet every day. The Roman Empire was considered to be provincial in how they persecuted prisoners; consequently, that form of action gave no time to possibly evince the innocence of the subject. The conducive vocalist chants his melancholy lyrics; thus, inducing all of his fanatics to tears. Chuckee, the diabolical doll, protracted a violent nature causing him to commit murder, so the child deduced that he had to destroy him. Jigsaw is known to trap his victims with intractable machines; therefor, leaving them no choice but to break or tear limbs in the attempt to retract themselves before their bodies get disintegrated. The petulant serial killer tries to rid his crave for murder by changing his appearance and getting married numerous times, but due to his sick addiction he fails repeatedly and forgoes the same cycle until he dies. The impetuous football player thought he could take advantage of what seemed to be an innocent cheerleader, but he quickly realized his infringement as she transformed into a bloodthirsty demon and devoured him. The impetus of the schizophrenic adolescent in the movie My Soul To Take is unknown, for on the night of his sixteenth birthday he is overcome with the need to excise all of his brothers and sisters. In Divergent the faction erudite causes fractious relationships between abnegations and all the other factions and everything abnegation does is seen as an infraction. The murderer’s methods in hostile 3 were concise yet incisive and the epitome of their genius was seen in the way they eviscerated their victims. In Ancient China tomes were written in a punctilious format; subsequently they have extensive works on arithmetic, anatomy, and astronomy. American soldiers showed no compunction when committing mass genocide to the American...
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