Roles and Responsibilities of a teacher

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1.0 My Roles, Responsibilities, Boundaries and Relationships as a Teacher 1.1 Roles:
Being a Business Studies teacher on the topic People Management which is one of the functions of the Business Studies, I have to follow certain roles and responsibilities as a teacher. According to Ann Gravells in his book (The Award in Education and Training, 2014, Page 3), he stated the below cycle for the role as a Teacher:

Therefore as a Business Studies teacher on People Management, I will initially identify the needs by finding out the organisation’s and potential learner’s needs and then I will carry out initial assessments and agree individual learning plans. Once I have prepare individual learning plans then I would prepare a scheme of work, session plans, prepare teaching and learning materials by making sure that I cover the syllabus by liasing with others if required. I will then make sure that I facilitate learning by using variety of teaching and learning approaches such as interactive sessions, presentations, reports etc. Once the learning is facilitated, I will check to see if learners have gained the skills and knowledge necessary by assessing their learning. Once the skills have been assessed, I will make sure that feedback is given to the learners, by evaluating myself, obtaining feedback from others so that improvements can be made in future. Evaluation also helps in finding out strengths and weakness. I have to make sure that evaluation is an ongoing process throughout all the stages of the above cycle. According to Gravells, following the above cycle is a good quality assurance system. Therefore I should make sure that as a teacher, I follow good internal and external quality assurance system which is considered as a good practice by incorporating the above cycle in my role as a teacher for the benefit of learners, teachers, the Organisation and for the community as a whole. (Gravells 2007) states that “learners learn from each...

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Gravells, A (2014) The Award in Education and Training (Revised Edition). London: Learning Matters.
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