Response to Food Inc.

Topics: Michael Pollan, Organic farming, Kill Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Robert Singleton
Allison Armentrout
Response 2
17 Sept 2013
Did You Know?
Is it hard to believe that there is a battle going on about food before it goes to the store? Or even before it goes to the processing plant? Which is also involved. Well after watching Food Inc., that was narrated by Michael Pollen, you will find out how that burger started, from the industrial farm to the processing plant to the restaurant and supermarket. From the way the cow, chicken, and pig is raised, fed, and housed. To how the condition of the carcus of the animal is before the meat is "purified." Let's start with how the cow is fed. Naturally the cow is a grass eater. But corn is subsidized so heavily that the cows are fed corn. Cows are not evolved to digest corn. So where is the grass that cows should be fed? Far off from where they are housed. The industry style of growing livestock is packing as many cows you can in the land provided. That doesn't leave much for grass to grow or the ground to have sunlight to grow grass. Not to mention the ungodly amount of manure from the over - packed cattle. Now the shipping of the cow gets better. There is a clip in the movie of an oversized cow, that can not walk, being pushed and lifted into a truck to be shipped off. All the work was done by a forklift. Not only is the cow is treated like the crap, that they are covered in, but is treated even less to get the cow into a truck. And the crap that the cow is covered in is contaminated in the same bacteria that comes out into the news at least once a year. That kills dozens of people at a time. That same bacteria travels from the growing plantation to the processing plant. When the cow is killed and put on the processing line with the same bacteria covered carcus. The video mentioned how the workers would get invections after handling the dead cows. So after a long day of work, they would go back home, and spread the bacteria that was on that cow back at work. Not just that but any...
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