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What is reflexology? It is system of massaging specific areas of the foot, hands, and the ears in order to promote healing. Reflexology has many benefits such as decrease stress, tension, anxiety, pain, increase blood and lymphatic flow, 02 delivery, etc.... Reflexology has been around for many years so there is a lot to behind being a reflexologist. Curr Reflexology

“Reflexology is an art and science. A reflexologist works points on the feet, hands and ears (Watson, S. & Voner, V. 2009).” Massaging these point have benefits such as massaging anywhere on the body. Each point on the foot corresponds to the area on the body. In turn massaging these certain points could relieve pain, stress, or tension in other areas of the body. Most of these techniques and modalities are very old dating back to Egypt, East Asia, India. Although reflexology is a form of massage one does not have to be license to practice it in the state of Michigan. How It Works

Despite what most people believe, reflexology is not a foot massage. Massage is palpation of soft tissue and muscle, whereas reflexology is the stimulation of nerve pathways. The nerve pathways in each foot create an electrochemical flow that communicates with the entire nervous system. The application of pressure using specific thumb and finger techniques, reflexology connects with the peripheral nervous system and encourages the body to relax. The sensory nerves carry information to the brain while motor nerves carry information to the body, resulting in the release of essential chemicals that the body utilizes for health and well-being. Reflexology requires specific knowledge of the feet and legs, including the biomechanics of movement in these extremities. The techniques and the specific procedures of reflexology are as complex and wonderful as massage, yet they are entirely different.

The most obvious effect of reflexology massage is stress reduction. Although results vary from...

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