Reflective Account 1 Health Care Practice

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Confidentiality, Privacy Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: February 21, 2014
Health Care Practice Reflective Account 1 19/02/2014

At the start of my shift one of the clients we will call him Graeme, I have use a different name due to data protection act 1998 and confidentiality of service users, was complaining of a sore ankle he said it was throbbing and had been sore all day. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind showing me were it was sore, he said that was fine so I suggested we went into the quiet room the reason I done this was to ensure Graeme’s privacy and to ensure that he was happy for me to look at his ankle this falls in line with the codes of conduct set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council the professional body that regulates Nursing and who we have to register with when qualified. Myself and Graeme went into the quiet room and I had a look at his ankle just asking him to show me were the pain was, on looking I noticed that his ankle looked quite swollen so I decided to get the shift leader to have a look at it the reason I done this was because I wouldn’t be able to make the decision on what the next course of action would be. Maureen asked him how long his ankle had been like that and he said since the morning and that the early shift staff had raised it on a pillow to see if that would help the swelling. As it had been all day that it had been sore and there was no sign of it getting better Maureen decided we would call the out of hours to see what to do, they suggested an x-ray would probably be best to ensure that there was no damage to the ankle. It was decided at that point that Graeme would be took to Hairmyres accident and emergency just to ensure that his ankle was okay, the reason this was done was to follow the codes of conduct namely make the care of people your first concern, treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity. We called Graeme emergency contact to make them aware of what had happened and to ensure they were happy for us to take him to the hospital,...
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