Recording, Analysing & Using HR & L&D information

Topics: Costs, Data Protection Act 1998, Computer Pages: 4 (998 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Activity 1
There are several reasons why an organisation needs to collect HR data and are no different. During my review I have discovered the following reasons we are collecting this information and examples of information that we are collecting:

Legal requirements-
This has covered working time regulations, tribunals, accident at work reports •To be able to contact family or individuals-
This allows us easy access to personal details in case of accidents, sickness or emergency contacts •To allow for decision making-
Information stored allows us to consider promotions, planning training & associated costs, work force planning

Types of information:
Sickness records- Allows HR to track staff sickness and provides evidence for use of the staff sickness policy. •Staff appraisals- these allow HR to track the progress of staff, reward high standards and address offer support for staff who any areas to work on. These also allow the HR department to plan future training requirements as agreed through appraisals. •Staff contracts- by storing these it allows HR to maintain their records and consult with the documents if any queries occur for entitlements, holidays, sickness, retirements, pay, etc. •Training records- these are essential records that allow the HR department to track and maintain the workforce’s level of competency and training as identified through the individual’s appraisals, CPD and job descriptions which are vital for client audits. It also helps to build the training plan and associated budget requirements.

During my review I discovered that had 2 methods on holding these types of information. A manual filing system, where documents are stored in filing cabinets and in their computerised system, , where documents are created, stored and scanned into the company computer system.

The benefits of these two methods are:

Manual System
Less costs involved for storage
Original hard copies that are easy to access
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