Rachel Ek

Topics: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Roe v. Wade Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: May 19, 2015
Rachel Ek
Ms. Padden
Eng. 11
21 May 2014
Trending Transcendentalism
I do not exhibit every trait of a transcendentalist, but I do enjoy nature and believe that individuality is important. I also tend to be more rational than emotional. One of my teachers was horrified to find I had left a person dying of the bubonic plague on the side of the road. Although this was only a mock situation for a World History assignment, I left the man alone because I decided it was best for my assigned family. I rationalized that since there were no cures for the plague at the time, the man was close to death, and my family was with me, I had better leave the man instead of expose my family. Exposing them to the plague would be almost definite death. I weighed my options and the man one the side of the road was left behind. Obviously, I may not react this way if it were a real situation, but the desensitization that I seem to experience with exposure to violent media left and right may account for some of my disassociation with the pain of the man in the hypothetical situation. So like the fiery Scarlet O’Hara, the need of survival or basic needs often exceeds emotional consequences for me. That example shows my logical viewpoint, but the nuances of not conforming are not as black and white as being logical or emotional. Everyone conforms to a certain degree; if they do not, they are disciplined or out-casted. For example, I often am referred to as a “nerd.” Even though nerds are often quite successful in their endeavors, the connotation is a derogatory one. The flippant whispers of “nerd” that stream my way after I receive a higher grade are reminders that I am not one of them. For studying and trying on the assignment, I am ridiculed. On the other hand, I would not mind being deemed a nerd if it is intertwined with someone who works hard, just as I do not mind being considered old-fashioned for not supporting abortions. In the state of Montana and in the United States I am...
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