Rabies Cases

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Charmaine C. Lugas

Dog bites spread viral disease
Straight News (Second Draft)

Rabies is a contagious virus that came from animals such as dogs, rabbits and cats. Rabies is basically in the brain and in the saliva of a rabies-carrier animal. When rabies is transferred to humans, it affects the central nervous system causing them to suffer complications. Usually, rabies takes it effects after a couple of years. In most cases, it occurs after 20 to 30 years depending on the symptoms and signs that suffered by man. There are many ways of preventing rabies and the first thing to do is to keep your pets vaccinated. It is important to keep pets vaccinated in order to have less harmful effect when it bites. Another possible thing to do is to keep pets in a safe and secure cage or could be tightly tied. It is also important to not let pets roaming around freely to avoid biting attacks.

In Ormoc City, most rabies cases are more on dog bites which are also common in the country. According to the City Health Office of Ormoc City, rabies case has been increasing for the past years and this is due to the growing number of non-vaccinated street dogs and home dogs that are left unattended by the owners. It is likely the reason why most patients that undergo anti-rabies check-up are mostly children who are 5 to 16 years old. Due to the increasing rabies case in the city, there are no more anti-rabies vaccines left which are supposedly given for free. Upon undertaking health check, patients are interrogated first about all the needed information regarding the dog bite. They were also weighed to help the doctor determine the desired amount of vaccine to be injected through their pivot. Each anti-rabies vial which has 5mL costs more than P5,000.

In the country, there are programs and campaigns on rabies prevention. Through these campaigns, government health offices were supplied with anti-rabies and anti-tetanus vaccines. In accordance with that, visual aids...
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