Topics: Lifelong learning, Learning, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: March 1, 2014
Unit 5 unit ref M/503/1232
Level 4
Role, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning.

The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate my understanding of my role and responsibilities as an ETE co-ordinator within lifelong learning. My knowledge /experience around teaching came from my back ground of working within the probation approved premises when offering a support package to females who were re-integrating back into community from custody sentence. Vulnerable females were welcomed into a safe environment where they would work towards a successful completion of the probation licence and or court order. The role of the approved premise was to alley any fears they may have and break down the barriers and challenges that have stopped the learner from accessing services and opportunities to enable them to be successful and becoming a law abiding citizen. My current role is very similar. As Case Manager, I am based in 2 HMP prisons and deliver a voluntary Education, training and employment support package to support the learner in prison as a starting point and continue the support through the gate. Due to the nature of my role as probation employee the service delivery and role and responsibilities within the lifelong learning sector are considerable. Legislation and codes of practice impact on my role. Key aspects are public protection, promoting equality and diversity. Aspects of my role within the lifelong learning sector is to identify the needs of the learner and covers the area known as the learning cycle. I identify the needs by conducting one 2 one discussion assessments of learners to identify barriers to employment/education. The assessment is geared towards establishing the learners own aspirations and goals around ETE and exploring what the barriers have been that stopped the learner achieving this. The barriers are individual to the learner based on the life experience and choices. During the assessment the learner is offered...
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