pttls task 2

Topics: Discrimination, Education, Equality Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: June 30, 2014
 Task 2

In this assignment I am going to discuss issues of equality and diversity and how I could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with my current learners. I feel as a facilitator is our role to be aware of equality, diversity and inclusion with all our learners. All learners have the right to an education and should be treated fairly. Everyone is different but they all have equal rights. Gravells , L (2008:18) believes that “ inequality and discrimination should be tackled to ensure fairness, decency and respect among learners” .Diversity as Gravells suggests is about “ valuing and respecting the differences in learners, regardless of ability and/ or circumstances, or any other individual characteristic they may have”. Diversity can add substance to a session.

When I do my initial assessment I will understand my learners needs, this will help me with my inclusion of learners, so I am planning and preparing my lessons with all my learners in my mind. Taking into consideration that some learners are visual, audio and some are kinaesthetic. By doing these you will keep all your learners engaged and allow all your learners to participate in the lesson Wilson, L (2009:153) states “it is about creating interesting, varies and inspiring learning opportunities for all learners, ensuring all learners contribute and are never disadvantaged by methods, language or resources”.

I would promote equality with my learners by giving all my learners the same amount of respect and treating everyone the same as regards to discipline. Wilson, L (2009:27) “Each of your learners is an individual who should be treated as an equal with respect”. Using learner’s experiences as a teaching resource can encourage learners to overcome their stereotypes and enable them to recognise other backgrounds. This can promote a positive environment for all learners. Some of my learners lack...
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