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1.1Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities Key Aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice in teaching in a learning environment, is that we work closely with sector skills councils. Legislation and codes of practice affecting work of teachers and how these relate our specialist subject, First Aid. Generic legislation (Data Protection Act, Health and Safety and Work Act) and explain how legislation applies to all workplaces or training centres. For example, “In accordance with the Data Protection Act or Health and Safety at Work Act, training must ensure that they are based on seven behaviours, namely: - professional integrity

- respect
- reasonable care
- professional practice
- criminal offence disclosure
- responsibility during Institute investigations
- responsibility
Codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities. There are a range of additional support mechanisms in place that need to be organised as soon as possible in order for the students to have the highest chance of success. All of the information obtained previously has to be taken into consideration when designing the course. In order to teach effectively you must pitch it to the appropriate level.

1.2 Analyse own responsibilities of promoting equality and valuing diversity (Unknown 2014)
Inclusion, Equality and Diversity are all aspects of a learner’s entitlement. Inclusivity is about involving all learners in relevant activities rather than excluding them for any reason either directly or indirectly. Equality is about the rights of learners to attend and participate regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age. Within the context of Lifelong Learning, Equality is considered to encompass: An expectation of fair treatment

An opportunity to participate on equal terms.
Diversity is about valuing the...
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