Psychology: Nervous System and William James

Topics: Nervous system, Brain, Neuron Pages: 12 (2670 words) Published: March 20, 2013
1.Professor Lewis studies the history of psychology. She would most likely agree with which of the following statements about psychology's early history?

2.In thinking about psychology and consciousness, the idea that the mind and the body are separate entities that interact makes a lot of sense to you. This view that you hold is most like the view of:

3.Interactive dualism is the idea that:
Mind and body were separate entities that interact to produce sensations, emotions, and other conscious experiences.

4.Psychology is formally defined as:
The scientific study of unconscious mental processes.

5.Wilhelm Wundt investigated which of the following phenomena? Wundt investigated basic sensory and perceptual processes.

6.Which of the following events do most historians consider to mark the formal beginning of psychology as a scientific discipline? In 1879 Wundt opened the first psychology research laboratory which marked psychology as an independent field of study.

7.Which early approach or “school” of psychology is associated with Wilhelm Wundt's student Edward Titchener? Structuralism

8.You are a subject in an experiment who is told: “Look at this apple very carefully and tell me your exact sensations and feelings as you experience them.” The experimenter in this study probably believes in what school of psychology? Structuralism

9.Which of the following people played a key role in establishing psychology as a scientific discipline in the United States? William James

10.Which school of psychology would agree that “psychology should stress the study of how behavior and mental processes allow people and animals to adapt to their environments”? Functionalism

11.Which of the following is a TRUE statement about Mary Whiton Calkins?

12.Who would have been most likely to say: “Why you behave the way you do is because of unconscious reasons, not reasons in your consciousness”? Sigmund Freud

13.Your therapist is very interested in your dreams, blocked memories, and slips of the tongue. On which approach to psychology is your therapist probably basing his psychotherapy? Psychoanalysis

14.Behaviorism was characterized by: observable behaviors that could be objectively measured and verified.

15.“My goal is to discover how behavior is acquired and modified in response to environmental influences.” Such a statement would most likely be made by: William James

16.Who conditioned dogs to reflexively salivate to the sound of a bell rather than food? Ivan Pavlov

17.Two key figures in the development of humanistic psychology include: Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow

18.Which of the following people developed a theory of motivation that emphasized psychological growth? Carl Rogers

19.Humanistic psychology emphasized:
In self-determination, free-will, and the importance of choice in human behavior.

20.The development of drugs that helped control the symptoms of severe psychological disorders and development of techniques to study the human brain contributed to the importance of _____ psychology in recent decades.

21.Dr. Barongon is a psychotherapist who helps people develop choices and self-direction in striving to reach their fullest potential. Dr. Barongon probably subscribes to the Humanistic perspective of psychology.

22.The cognitive perspective of psychology focuses on:
mental processes, including reasoning and thinking, problem soving, memory, perception, mental imagery, and language.

23.As a psychology researcher, you have found that the public expression of emotions differs among people from the United States, Japan, Switzerland, and Israel. This type of research fits best with which perspective in psychology?

24.Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of collectivistic cultures?

25.In collectivistic cultures, a person's sense of identity: is interdependent with others

26.Ethnocentrism refers to the tendency to: judge...
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