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Topics: Neuron, Brain, Nervous system Pages: 5 (784 words) Published: July 1, 2014
Question 1
Question text
Neurons _____.
Select one:
a. transmit neural impulses.
b. support and nourish glial cells.
c. each have only one dendrite.
d. are one kind of neurotransmitter.
Question 2
Question text
A synapse is the _____.
Select one:
a. same as the action potential.
b. junction where neurons communicate with one another.
c. chemical that travels from one neuron to another.
d. signal that travels from one neuron to another.
Question 3
Question text
Messages from other neurons and sensory receptors____________. Select one:
a. are collected by the synaptic vesicles.
b. are relayed by glial cells to the correct node of Ranvier. c. are received by the dendrites.
d. can close the synaptic gap.
Question 4
The resting potential is_____________.
Select one:
a. the length of time that a neuron is incapable of activating after an action potential. b. the term used to describe how the sympathetic nervous system reduces c. when a neuron is not firing.

d. more prevalent in left-handed people who display right-hemisphere language abilities. Question 5
Question text
During the action potential_____________.
Select one:
a. the electrical charge of the neuron changes from positive to negative. b. sodium ions rush into the interior of the axon.
c. the language activity of the right hemisphere is suppressed. d. L-dopa is continuously released by the postsynaptic neuron. Question 6
Question text
Reuptake occurs when____________.
Select one:
a. the brain shifts functions from damaged areas to undamaged areas. b. hormones continuously affect the target organ.
c. brain molecules are bombarded by magnetic waves.
d. neurotransmitter molecules are reabsorbed by the presynaptic neuron. Question 7
Question text
A neurotransmitter is _____.
Select one:
a. a machine that measures brain waves.
b. chemical that influences the firing of neurons.
c. a drug that produces hallucinations.
d. an ionized chemical bound to the nucleus of a cell.
Question 8
Question text
The _____ is the most primitive part of the human brain and includes structures that are responsible for regulating heartbeat and respiration, screening sensory information, and regulating sleep and wake cycles. Select one:

a. hypothalamus
b. brainstem.
c. thalamus.
d. cerebrum.
Question 9
Question text
Which of the following is the brain structure that is responsible for coordinating our body movements? Select one:
a. hypothalamus
b. thalamus
c. cerebellum

d. pons
Question 10
Question text
Which of the following brain structures is involved in the control of body temperature, hunger, and thirst? Select one:
a. hypothalamus
b. thalamus
c. hippocampus
d. cerebellum
Question 11
Question text
An electroencephalogram (EEG) records the _____ of the brain. Select one:
a. structural properties
b. chemical activity
c. brain wave activity
d. metabolic activity
Question 12
Question text
Which of the following techniques produces an image of the brain's activity by tracking the brain's use of glucose or oxygen? Select one:
a. positron emission tomography
b. lesions
c. magnetic resonance imaging
d. electroencephalograph
Question 13
Question text
The two main subdivisions of the autonomic nervous system are the________________. Select one:
a. left and right hemisphere.
b. somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system.
c. brain and the spinal cord.
d. sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. Question 14
Question text
The _____ lobe is involved in a person's ability to plan, initiate, and carry out voluntary movements and actions. Select one:
a. frontal
b. somatosensory
c. parietal
d. temporal
Question 15
Question text
When Mark was three years old he had a traumatic head injury. After two years, he made a full recovery with no apparent...
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