Psychology and Physical Response Laughter

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The field of counseling will finally reach it's highest potential when people enter therapy because they feel they don't laugh enough in their lives You may be surprised to learn that not everyone can spontaneously laugh nor can everyone experience a belly laugh. This depends to a large degree on the capacity of the nervous system to handle the activation necessary for such a physical response Laughter keeps your nervous system healthy.

If you've ever watched a funny movie and later felt a warm, tingling feeling all over your body then you were likely discharging. You see laughter is an ideal means of discharger Laughter is believed to be a right brain activity with the capacity to help us feel balanced. One way that it does so is via discharge As you may have read elsewhere on this site, a healthy nervous system can manage energy well. That is, the nervous system becomes energized via stimulation (i.e. it becomes activated) and then it discharges the energy accordingly. We move through cycles of activation and discharge naturally and efficiently (if we have a healthy nervous system) all day long. My Personal laughter in experiences

It's been my clinical experience that once the nervous system is reset i.e. it is self-regulating, the parasympathetic down regulation is less likely to trigger negative moods. I can't express enough how huge this ides is in terms of how we approach mental health. This site was, in part, inspired by this very notion. The new therapies available (especially right-brain-based therapies e.g. body psychotherapy) more readily utilize the positive aspects of our lives but not in a mindless magical thinking sort of way. They do so from a way of directly changing how the nervous system responds. Other experience groups that have been combined into this group include: None yet. This is an experience group where everyone says: I Keep My Sanity Through Laughter. It features support,...
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