Topics: Psychology, Nervous system, Brain Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Ta’Shiana Brown
I didn’t know that psychology actually had a goal until I read the introduction to Psychology textbook. I am learning a lot of new things on this subject. For instance science of psychology has four main goals and they are as listed, described, predict, understand, and mental process and influence behavior. In my own words here they are. Describing: collecting information from the population by certain targeted people. The prediction goal is self explanatory it’s mostly meant for making assumption or predictions of what will become of your study before you actually know what will happen. The third goal of psychology is Understand, in this area you never really know when the information that you learn will change the next day or even within the next year. Psychology is a continuously growing field and the information that is gathered is only considered as theories and always changes, sometimes without knowledge or notice. Lets move on to influences which in my opinion one of the most used in everyday life . for instance a toddler is encourage to learn how to walk and talk. And a teenager can be pressured into doing things and making choices that they wouldn’t originally have made without the influence from their peers. Influencing people can be good too. For instance you can be influenced by coworkers and supervisors to take an open position that they feel you would get with no problem. Another example is to get the influence to do better than you are currently doing whether it be work, school, or making a better relationship with you family.

The Biology and behavior was hard for me to decide what section to write about because there were so many to choose from. I didn’t want to be wrong about this section so I decided to pick the part that stood out the most to me. I am going talk about the Nervous System. It’s a really important part of the body because it helps you maintain consciousness...
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