Topics: Nervous system, Prostitution, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Outline 1: Prostitution, Crack, Pot, Alcohol, Homosexuality, and Polygamy I. Sexual Deviance A. Tolerated Sexual Variation 1. Prostitution – engaging in sexual relations for money or other considerations a. Forms of Prostitution 1. Streetwalkers – approach cars in our nation’s cities (both men and women); lowest rung; more likely to be assaulted or killed; more likely to have pimps 2. Bar girls – women who pick up men at bars 3. Brothels – massage parlors offering sexual services 4. Call girls/Escorts – higher status prostitutes; usually connected through escort agencies; many have normal backgrounds; not as likely to have pimps 5. Sex workers – women who combine dancing in gentlemen’s clubs with acting in pornographic movies and sexual services 2. Homosexuality – sexual orientation to people of the same sex a. Plummer’s Four Stages 1. Sensitization – growing awareness that one may be gay 2. Signification – awareness of society’s disapproval of homosexuality 3. Coming out – embracing being gay knowing society’s disapproval 4. Stabilization – accepting being gay and rejecting straight society II. Cults, Charisma, and Terrorism A. Polygamy – practice of a man having multiple wives; considered cultlike since the husband acts as a leader for the family members, who can only function within certain limits 1. Results of Polygamy

a. Wives and children likely to accept abuse b. Relaxes sexual boundaries between family members III. Drug and Alcohol Abuse A. Depressants - reduce stimulation through the nervous system 1. Alcohol a. Acute Alcohol Poisoning – large dose of alcohol overwhelms the brain and the depression effects the victim’s respiratory center of the brain b. Alcoholism – long-term damage; brain and nerve cell loss, leading to dementia (confusion), numbness of the extremities, gastritis, ulcers, heart attacks; damage to pancreas and liver B. Stimulants - increase the sense of energy, power, and control by increasing sensitivity of the sympathetic nervous...
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