Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Callie Manche
Seminar on Diversity
Brad Born
28 March 2013

Privilege or Democracy?

The word and concept, racism is something that the majority of people in Bethel College community fear to talk about or to discuss. Race is a touchy subject and a problem that people with try to avoid. If you ask anyone if they consider themselves a racist most likely the answer would be ‘no’. I, as a white female thought the same thing. However “Defining Racism” is to ‘prejudge is to make up your mind on an issue before you look at the facts. You can prejudge a book, or a film, or a person. If you prejudge a person you might decide what their characteristics are, what their personalities are like and whether you like them or not simple by the way that they look. If you prejudge them because of their ethnic origin or their skin color then you are racially prejudging them. People who are racially prejudice may belief that their ethnic’s origins or skin color makes the, superior to other people. They stereotype people. Racial prejudice is also called racism. People may use their own views to physically or verbally hurt others who they see to be different to them. Examples of racism can be as extreme as the prosecution of Jews, by Hitler, or by racist jokes, which are often thought to be harmless. I did multiple searches of the word ‘racism’ and I wonder how race influence my world as a white female, and what role it plays in Bethel College community.

If you were to look at the phrase “racial prejudice” it’s a term that most people would use to describe racism. It is term that has been introduced to us and it was something that I never questioned. I understood its meaning but I have never experienced it, until I came to Bethel College. At the beginning, I could sense that Bethel had a history of oppressive racism, but at the same time after living here barely even a year, I could still sense racism among us. It is hard to understand why, because for me it is so refreshing...
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