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Photo Shopping Horrors
In order to grab society’s attentions, the media will go to any measure to get people drawn into the details of celebrity’s lives. The way the media and advertising companies display models in magazines and even on television sends a negative message to American society. These pictures and images are altered to make the women models appear to be thinner, have perfect complexion, or have larger breasts. The women are not at all what they seem. The problem is that young teenagers oftentimes take these pictures too seriously and immediately believe that that is how they are supposed to look and feel. Too many girls are falling into the traps and lies that the media presents to society and since the media is such a huge part of our lives, it is easy to do so. This is a huge issue and a danger for both the physical and emotional health of young women in our society. Though this may not apply to all, teenagers who struggle while figuring out who they are strongly affected by the images presented to them everyday. Editing photos takes away from the way models truly look and lead both men and women to think that is how they need to be. Young teenagers should be able to recognize the unrealistic representation of flawless models in the media because they create a false vision of what people are supposed to look like which causes negative health related issues.

Many fashion magazines, especially those that trap young teen’s attention, such as Seventeen, presents an image of how everyone is supposed to look and act. On the front cover alone of Seventeen magazine, the words pretty and perfect sit on the page in big, fancy writing. These words grab a young girls attention because being “pretty and perfect” are features our society and generation have become to commonly want and strive for. The women and young girls who are presented in these pictures, along with being flawless, also all seem to be extremely happy and fulfilled. They show the readers that this is the way you have to look in order to reach this happiness. More specifically, perfume ads almost always show women in beautiful and luxurious places with even more happy and beautiful people surrounding them. Does that mean if one wears this perfume then beautiful people too will surround them as well? Ralph Lauren’s perfume ad does just this in that it creates people to believe it is normal to look and be like this, when really it’s completely unrealistic. In addition to the photos, articles in these magazines also tell you how to have better hair, and makeup, how to look tanner, smell better and over all look more flawless and pretty. They encourage people to achieve these unachievable features and ideals. These “tips” in general give off the idea that there is only one type of beautiful. These photographs and ads are almost killing people’s sense of individuality and leading them to this ideal personal image. As teenagers in American society, we cannot help but to get sucked into the fascinating world of celebrity styles and appearances. I myself have come to idolize the women in magazines today, who are seen as beautiful, and I have created my definition of “pretty” based on these leading figures. Everyday, people look up to their role models, whether they are siblings, friends or people they see in magazines and television. Because of this, the images that the media and advertising companies puts out into society, strongly affect the way teenagers live their lives. Especially young girls who are more naïve and more susceptible to believe anything they hear are affected most. These are the girls who are also more likely to do anything they can in order to be happy and beautiful. In that stage of life many do not realize the other factors that can truly make one happy. If someone is not content with the life they live, they tend to rely on fashion magazines for the answers. When they see famous people, happy and...

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Seventeen Magazine
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