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Carla McCallum
Assignment 1- Roles and Responsibilities

The key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practise in my own role and responsibilities are:

• Health and safety at work act 1974
This act was put in place so that their was an order of practise when working and an order in which things should be done to protect everyone within each workplace or in general a place.

• Equality Act 2010
The equality act was put in place so that the following characteristics are protected. So in my area for example it protects boys getting treated better than girls as we have to treat everybody the same regardless of the following.

gender reassignment
marriage and civil partnership
pregnancy and maternity
religion or belief
sexual orientation

• Data protection act 1998
The Data protection act 1998 was put in place so that everyone's data, for example an address would be protected. Which means that ceratin information is only accessible to those who need it. An example to this is at a bank you will need your identification to prove who you are. This was put into place so that no one can access your money. In my area of work as a teacher this would be used if a parent asked for an address of a student, I would not be able to give this information out as this would be me braking this act.

COSHH is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health. They have to make sure that they find out what the health hazard is and decide how to prevent harm to health.

RIDDOR is an act that makes sure the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences are reported.

Codes of practice that I would carry out with my students would be to value and respect each child as an individual aswell as making sure I am aware of and safeguard the rights of all students. I as a teacher need to promote the growth and development of the whole student and I also need to be aware of and meet the needs of each student that I teach. I also need to think about each students individual differences in family structures and be aware that the care of the student, is a shared responsibility which must take in to account a students customs, values and beliefs. As a teacher I need to work in a cooperative and collaborative manner with the family to promote and safeguard the well-being of the students.

In a professional manner I need to ensure that no action is taken or made which is going to be harmful to a student or make a student unsafe. I also need to maintain the highest possible standards of performance and aim to improve their knowledge. I also need to constantly evaluate and reappraise their own methods polices and practices and be aware of the need to keep up to date with current developments in changing needs and circumstances. I may need to be aware of the need for confidentiality within my practice and make sure I keep that trust unless required to do so by law or to protect the interest or welfare of a student.

When working with others I need to work in a cooperative manner with other professionals and also respect the contribution of the other colleagues. I also need to share my knowledge, demonstrate my skills with students and other colleagues to promote and develop good practice whilst offering guidance and support were appropriate. I also need to be willing and prepared to give and take support and supervise to further my own and others professional development.

When working with students I need to make sure that the interest of the student is placed before all else. I need to make sure that I am approved by ofstead and make sure I am meeting ratios where they may be important. I also need a QTS which is a qualified teacher status which may also entail getting skill tests in numeracy, literacy and information and communications technology.

It is my responsibility to follow the equality act 2010 as it...
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