Pesticide Bill

Topics: Poison, Pesticide, Organic food Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Ever since anyone can remember, there have always been labels on food. There is an ingredients label, allergy warnings, calorie labels, protein amounts, amount of fat, amounts per serving, etc. This all to make the consumer aware of what he or she is buying. But no one that I know of has ever seen a label indicating what pesticides and chemicals were used to grow these foods. Foods such as lettuce, peaches, apples, and so on, do not state what pesticides are used in growing them. Pesticides are very harmful and although are designed to kill insects, fungus, bacteria and other things that feed on crops, are vectors for disease, and things that poison people. This brings me to my argument that there should be a bill to require the labeling of all food products indicating what pesticides were used in growing the foods.

The government is not enforcing the use of pesticide labels. There are no pesticide labels on foods in stores. Organic food also does not fix this problem. Organic foods are often more expensive then conventional foods, and they too have no pesticide labels.

I propose that each company who distributes food products such as Florida Orange and other companies must put a label explaining what pesticides were used in the growing. Medications are required to label potential harms their product could cause and all ingredients, so why not food? To pass this bill, each company will have to cover their own costs for printing pesticide labels. The label must be easily seen and readable on the product or box the product is in. If it is found out that a company is distributing food products that use pesticides in their growing and do no put a label, the company will be fined for selling the non- labeled food products. This bill will be put into effect on February 10, 2014. By putting pesticide labels on foods many people will maybe take precautions to wash their food more thoroughly and live a healthier lifestyle.

People in general, have a right...
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