Peripheral Nervous System

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The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
Biology P.3

Did you know??
A man's spinal cord is a bundle of nerve tissue that is about 17.7 inches long; a woman's is about16.9 inches long.

The peripheral nervous system is the nerve tissue that sends sensation to and from the body to the central nervous system. It affects our ability to hear, touch, smell, see, and taste. Your peripheral nervous system is the nerves that run through the rest of your body, it effects physical feeling, and muscle control. PNS works together with the Central Nervous System and sends information to the CNS.

Peripheral nervous system is connected with many organs and structures in the body. They are connected through cranial nerves and spinal nerves. Some organs that are affected by the control of the Peripheral Nervous System are the eye, heart, lungs, and blood vessels. The peripheral nervous system dilates the pupil in the eyes, increases rate and contraction in the heart, dilates the bronchioles and also constricts the Blood vessels.

The diameter of the neurons can range between 4 to 100 microns. Neurons: Neurons send signals to other cells as electrochemical waves travelling along thin fibers called axons Neurons, which are the largest cells in the human body, do not undergo the process of mitosis.

Peripheral Neuropathy is the malfunction of peripheral nerves becoming a source of pain. Damage to these nerves disturbs communication between the brain and parts of the body .It may affect a single nerve, a group of nerves, or even all nerves. The first case of this disease was first recorded in 1936 by two doctors, Bing and Neel. There are many types of Peripheral Neuropathy and they can be caused by various reasons such as diabetes, traumatic injuries, infection, and constant pressure like sitting. This disease makes it harder to control your muscles. People with this disease may have numbness, weakness, pain, and a burning feeling. There really isn’t a cure for this...
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