Peasants in The Middle Ages

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Medieval demography Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Peasants in the Middle Ages – Answer Key

1. Peasants were mainly what during the middle ages?
Answer: b. Agricultural farmers
2. Define freeman:
Answer: peasants who paid a fixed rent, either in money or produce, for the use of their land. 3. What was the difference between a peasant and a freeman? Answer: A peasant was not completely free, but a freeman could own their holdings or belongings. 4. What populations of peasants were killed as a result of the Black Plague? Answer: An estimated amount of 75 to 200 million people, mostly peasants due to their horrible living conditions. 5. The peasants acquired the deadly disease, later known as the Black Plague, from which animal? Answer: d. Rats

6. What days did the peasants not have to work on?
Answer: Sundays and holy days.
7. True or False: Most of the peasants’ houses were made of brick. Answer: False, they were made of wood and clay.
8. True or False: Peasants had a hard life.
Answer: True.
9. True or False: Peasants worked for the whole kingdom. Answer: False, they worked for a specific lord.
10. What were peasant’s clothes made of?
Answer: They were homemade with wool and linen.
11. True or False: They used the tools supplied by the kingdom. Answer: False, the invented their own tools.
12. True or False: They wore boots made of leather.
Answer: True.
13. What did they use to lift hay?
Answer: Wooden pitchforks.
14. What was the most important job of the peasants?
Answer: Bringing in the harvest.
15. Why was harvest so important?
Answer: It...
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