Parkinson S Disease

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Mervin E. Ngo
Shannon Campbell
General Biology
09 March 2015

Parkinson’s Disease

One million Americans suffer from Parkinson’s disease. This disease involves movement of body parts that trigger the brain and it’s unstoppable. Research study shows that this disease comes from a nerve cells in a area of the brain. It is chronic cause by a decrease in production of dopamine in the body. This Neurotransmitter Dopamine is cause for the body’s smooth muscle movement. When Dopamine no longer produced by the body this disease start to shows its symptoms. Some researchers say that this disease cause from genetic and some environmental factors. Also drugs and toxins cause this symptoms to appear. Environmental factors is if you lived near the herbicides and pesticides most common area are farmers. Parkinson’s disease is a rare disorder in people younger than 30 years of age. Most of this symptoms start on older people between the age of 50’s through 70’s. Men are more likely to suffer from this disease. It is very difficult to diagnose the symptoms. Although Symptoms are different from person to person, most all of them are physical impairments like Legs, arms, and hands shake unwillingly, there’s also slow movement and bad posture which are symptoms too. Involuntary movement may involve slowing down or stopping while participating in familiar situations like walking, eating, or getting dress. Stiffness or muscle weakness will occur with the jumping actions that interfere with smooth muscle movement. Muscles start to degenerate and continue to affect the body’s physical appearance and structure. The face usually is affected and most Parkinson’s patients that have a lot of symptoms and are in the later stages of the disease develop a "masked face" this is where they show no expression, and movement of the esophagus is difficult. After about 4 or 5 years and a prognosis is made, many patients are extremely less mobile and have worsened symptoms....

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